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About Me...

I am someone, yet no one in particular. 

I am me... and I am you. 

And we were both created by Him.


He gave me parents and siblings, then my own children and a spouse.  Yes, the last two are a bit out of order for a "Christian" but that has been my life... a little out of order.  I've lost my way many times but somehow, He always seems to pull me back onto the right path.  Which is where I find myself today, trying to stay on the right path, the one He is desperately fighting to keep me on.

But truly, this site, this blog, this walk, is not about me, at all.  It is about Him and what He has done with me and for me and how He wants to do the same with you.  It is about all the times this rebellious child wandered off the path He constantly illuminated right in front me and the countless times He had to turn on the lighthouse just so I could find my way back home.

My life has been no more or less painful than anyone else's life.  It has been filled with joy and happiness and it has been devastated by sorrow and loss.  Yet every time, no matter how difficult the road, or how far off the beaten path I get, He is always right there, gently calling my name. 



Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. 

Psalm 119:105

There are also those times when He allows me to feel the consequences of my poor decisions and often, He will have to bail me out... yet again.  But I also know this... no matter how many times I fall short, He will always, always be here for me.


Sadly, I must also acknowledge the times I turned my back and ran from Him as fast as my feet could run.  But no matter how much distance I thought I had put between myself and Him, the moment I turned back around, He was right there.  He promised He would never let me go and He has been faithful to keep that promise. 


As I look back even more at my life, I am humbly aware of the innumerable times He has carried me through the darkness so I wouldn't stumble, fall, and lose my way.  I will never be able to repay Him for these seasons in my life, for without Him, I know I would have never made it through.

Like I said, I am no one in particular.  I am not worth more or less than anyone else.  He doesn't have a greater affinity for me than He does for the man in the cell... or the pit... or whatever darkened mess we get ourselves into.  We are all just sojourners in this world desperately seeking the light, desperately seeking our way.  


This site is not about me, it's about all of us - and Him - and learning to Walk in His Light.

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