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A Word About Prayer...

Bible with Prayer Shawl.JPG

A precious Bible, the Cross,
and a Prayer Shawl from Israel.

What is prayer? 

Who am I praying to, anyway?

Why should I make it part of my life?

Am I just asking for stuff or is there more to it?

These are questions I have asked myself more times than I can count.  I have asked others, but the answers were often vague or of little meaning to me personally.  It was only when my life began to lose meaning and I didn't know where I belonged, that I began to seek the answers and how they would apply in my life.  

What is prayer?  I think it is simply a conversation with God.

Who am I praying to?  The One who created me.

Why should I make it part of my life?  It is the only true way to find guidance and direction.

Am I just asking for stuff...?  No, I am not.  It may seem that way in the beginning, "LORD, heal my sickness," or "LORD, I can't pay my bills this month," and so on.  But over time, our prayers evolve and change.  As our relationship grows with Jesus, so does our prayer life.  Gradually it transforms from our physical needs to our spiritual needs, and we begin to seek something much greater than ourselves.

This is when prayer really takes root and grows.

Every so often on this page, I will add a new prayer.  Maybe it will be directly from His Word, or it may be something personal from me.  You will also find prayers from those trailblazers who are much wiser than I and who have traveled a long distance to gain their insight.  I hope you will find some guidance along the way until your prayers gain speed and wisdom and you hear Him speaking directly to you.

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