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He Gave Me His Heart

In my time of trouble, You come to my rescue, You lead me out of the darkness.

In my time of joy, You play the tambourine and sing with shouts of gladness.

In my time of sorrow, You gather me unto Yourself,

You cradle me like a newborn child.

In my time of need, You pour out Your provisions into my life.

I want for nothing, LORD, for You are my Savior,

You are the One who saved me.

How could I ever repay You for Your sacrifice? I cannot.

You don't ask for recompense, You only ask me to lay down my life, too.

You ask me to lose my life so I can find it,

The one You designed for me with Your very own finger.

The plan You have is right and just, it perseveres and conquers.

Your plan for me is victorious.

I only need to take one step in Your direction... then another.

I only need to focus on the ONE step, no more, no less.

Once I could not lift my head, nor my eyes,

My shame and guilt weighted me down.

But You sacrificed Yourself for me,

So that I could lift my head high and direct my gaze heavenward.

You command me not to look back at the steps I previously laid,

You require only that I look ahead.

Now I can only sing Your praises,

A new song upon my lips.

To You I give my heart,

To me, You give yours.

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